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Survey Recruiter
09-08-18 19 Hits

We are looking for a Corrosion Technician to join our crew. The ideal candidate will have a skill set that includes:

• Experience performing CIS, DOC, and Coating (DCVG) surveys
• Experience using Allegro and/or MC Miller Data Loggers
• Basic knowledge of MS Excel
• Excellent communication skills
• Data processing knowledge and CP 1 Certification is a plus, but not required

You will be required to:
• Perform CIS and DOC Survey
• Recognize and troubleshoot CP abnormalities
• Perform real-time quality control and analysis of field data
• Follow procedures, document findings, and communicate technical details
• Organize, assemble and archive all field data and documentation
• Perform strenuous activity such as hiking, standing, walking for 5-10 Miles per day in rough terrain
• Travel and work in the field for extended periods of time
• Work as a team member and perform any task required to complete the project
• Pass a background check and DOT drug test

The company covers travel arrangements, hotel expenses, and daily per diem for meals.

We are looking forward to receiving your resume:

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